Horten - Warlock (Accepted)

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Raid Warlock
Raid Warlock
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Character: Horten
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Your Class: Warlock

Horten - Warlock (Accepted)

Post by Horten » 11 Sep 2017, 19:42

>Name, Race, Class (and Level) of your Character:
Horten, Gnome, Warlock (60)
https://legacy-logs.com/Vanilla/Armory/ ... a/Horten/0

>What is your main spec? Are you planning to raid with it or would you respec?
http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#IV0 ... 0oZvx0tM0z
I can change to SM/Ruin if required.

>What are your professions (any noteworthy Recipes)?
Tailoring 300, Engineering 300
Nothing noteworthy in terms of raid recipes.

>Do you have any other lvl 60 Characters on the server?
Yes I have a 60 human warrior.
http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer ... yer=Scheky

>Have you played on Nostalrius Begins, L4G(TBC) or Elysium and could we know you?
Yes I played on Nostalrius on the same characters, I had a 70 Warlock on the first Hellfire realm and did all available content before the server kind of shit the bed before T5 was out.

>Have you played actual Vanilla and what class(es) did you play? What is your experience in endgame raid instances?
Had a Paladin during retail Vanilla but achieved noteworthy beyond MC/Ony.

>How much Nature Resistance (unbuffed) do you have?
Like 150 for Viscidus, also have a full Shadow Resistance set for Twin Emps.

>Right now the Guild is focused on AQ40. That means up to 3 serious raids per week and a not a lot of down time. We expect you to attend at least 75% of our main raids. We would also appriciate it if you try joining and/or organizing optional ZGs and AQ20s raids whenever there is free IDs.
Won't make it on time for some Wednesday raids as I've already told Diggens.

>Do you think your free time will allow you to play World of Warcraft on a similar level for the months to come?
Yeah no big changes there

>Do you have the setup to raid? A microphone, a stable internet connection, a pc that can handle the game?
Never dropped from a raid due to PC/Internet issues, got a microphone to broadcast my shitty voice.

>Do you know anyone in the guild that can recommend you?
I raided with Papadia for a long time in NIRVANA, Radical and Flashback for a short while.

>Which guilds were you in previously and why did you leave?
I was part of the Officer team in NIRVANA before we merged with Flashback due to a lack of new players and attrition. Raided with Flashback until raids no longer happened due to a lack of players.

>What do you want from the guild and how will <Miskatonic> benefit from recruiting you? What is your ambition in Vanilla?
I want to finish up my Vanilla journey by clearing Naxxramas and on a slim chance maybe even progress on the same character into TBC. I'll deliver good performance and a patient demeanor in raids.

KTM, BigWigs and an old version of aurae which also shows accurate PvE timers for Debuffs and CCs.

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Guild Member
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Character: Diggens
Your Role: DPS
Your Class: Warlock

Re: Horten - Warlock

Post by diggens » 11 Sep 2017, 23:51

Accepted as Trial


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