Veloryn - Rogue Application Declined

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Veloryn - Rogue Application Declined

Post by Veloryn » 10 Sep 2017, 19:45

Name, Race, Class (and Level) of your Character:
Veloryn, Human, Rogue, 60, ... er=Veloryn (Sadly not updated page, as ring, range weapon, boots, cloak, necklace has been upgraded very recently!)

What is your main spec? Are you planning to raid with it or would you respec?
Combat Swords: , I'm planning to raid with it ofc, but in the future, others speccs may be better due to gear improvement.

What are your professions (any noteworthy Recipes)?
I have put very low focus sadly on professions, skinning/herb are current ones, i will most likely pick up on something like cooking/alc/enchanting later.

Do you have any other lvl 60 Characters on the server?
No i do not, but i have big plans on leveling a alt, very unsure of what but i have been looking at Fury Warrior (with tank gear), Holy Priest/Holy Paladin, not really a Caster since i might want to have an alt of a different role (Tank/Healer).

Have you played on Nostalrius Begins, L4G(TBC) or Elysium and could we know you?
I did play on Nostalrius Begins yes, raided with The Council untill shutdown then played again on the Elysium transfer, then a break and now, here i am. And no you probably shouldn't as i had maybe 2-3 days @60 on Nost, and now i have 4 days 6 hours, but have geared very quickly.

Have you played actual Vanilla and what class(es) did you play? What is your experience in endgame raid instances?
I did not, i'm 20 yrs old so i wasn't old enough, however i played maybe 100+ trial accounts ;)
In retail i've Heroic progressed through Cata and Mythic Progression throguh WoD, but quit in Hellfire Citadel / Legion Launch.
I've done all raids now except AQ40.

How much Nature Resistance (unbuffed) do you have? (Melee: Do you have Frost Weapons?)
Haven't played enough, so 0, and no.

Right now the Guild is focused on AQ40. That means up to 3 serious raids per week and a not a lot of down time. We expect you to attend at least 75% of our main raids. We would also appriciate it if you try joining and/or organizing optional ZGs and AQ20s raids whenever there is free IDs.
I will have no problem with attending 100% of the raids. I will have no problem with joining ZG/AQ20s and other raids with pugs as i have connections with other guild peeps who usually does it and i can join.

Do you think your free time will allow you to play World of Warcraft on a similar level for the months to come?
Yes absolutely.

Do you have the setup to raid? A microphone, a stable internet connection, a pc that can handle the game?
Yes, i have fiber internet so no problem on that end, i have i7 6700K + GTX 1080 so no problem on PC performance aswell. Mic no problem.

Do you know anyone in the guild that can recommend you?
No i don't believe so, unless someone of them was in the recent MC/ZG/ONY/AQ20 pugs i've done yesterday/2days ago.

Which guilds were you in previously and why did you leave?
The Council, everyone in the guild stopped playing, i'm solo online.

What do you want from the guild and how will <Miskatonic> benefit from recruiting you? What is your ambition in Vanilla?
I want serious progression and raiding, and a happy attitude to it aswell, get things done in a proper way, while having a bit of fun aswell.
I have semi-/Profesionall experience in games and sports, so professionality is not a problem for me.
I am a hardcore player which will do everything to win, i will min-max everything possible to make my performance to be the top of my class. I want to do my best to win, in this case i will do everything i can to make not only myself, but everyone around me to perform at their peak. I will deffinetly try and i believe i will take a Main Raider spot and in the future the best Rogue in the guild. I will strive to be peak performer in DPS and also be the unkillable raider that's silent but never fucks up.

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Re: Veloryn - Rogue Application

Post by Fallenwozzy » 10 Sep 2017, 22:51

Currently full on rogues, as i mention you in-game. I can offer u only social spot until new rogue spot opens. Regards wozzy

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