Application - Deadlyvirus, human warlock. (Accepted)

You want to join <INSOMNIA>?
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Raid Warlock
Raid Warlock
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Application - Deadlyvirus, human warlock. (Accepted)

Post by Deadlyvirus » 04 Sep 2017, 19:21

Name, Race, Class (and Level) of your Character:
Dealyvirus, human, warlock, 60. Realmplayers currently offline.
I'm BWL geared. Will post link when possible.

What is your main spec? Are you planning to raid with it or would you respec?
30/0/21. Always willing to respec if needed.

What are your professions (any noteworthy Recipes)?
300/300 tailoring & enchanting. No special recipes.

Do you have any other lvl 60 Characters on the server?

Have you played on Nostalrius Begins, L4G(TBC) or Elysium and could we know you?
Played on Nost. Quit playing a couple of months ago. just before AQ launch.

Have you played actual Vanilla and what class(es) did you play? What is your experience in endgame raid instances?
Yes, played all expensions, with different classes. Mostly as a Warrior tank.
Cleared all content except for vanilla naxx.

How much Nature Resistance (unbuffed) do you have? (Melee: Do you have Frost Weapons?)
15, no NR yet but willing to farm it. Got full tanking gear for Twins tho.

Right now the Guild is focused on AQ40. That means up to 3 serious raids per week and a not a lot of down time. We expect you to attend at least 75% of our main raids. We would also appriciate it if you try joining and/or organizing optional ZGs and AQ20s raids whenever there is free IDs.
< How will you deal with this? >
Raiding three days a week is no problem for me. But I can't promise joining AQ20 or ZG raids on other days. I have a life these days :lol:

Do you think your free time will allow you to play World of Warcraft on a similar level for the months to come?
< in EU/Server Time >

Do you have the setup to raid? A microphone, a stable internet connection, a pc that can handle the game?

Do you know anyone in the guild that can recommend you?

Which guilds were you in previously and why did you leave?
Inheritence. A couple of weeks after I quit playing they disbanded. I've been with them from the start.

What do you want from the guild and how will <Miskatonic> benefit from recruiting you? What is your ambition in Vanilla?
I'm realy motivated to clear the last and only part of the game i've never got to clear, Naxx. You will reqruit a reliable player. I've only been in one guild since nost release.

And last but not least: POST A SCREENSHOT of your UI and name 3 AddOns you couldn't play without.
Ofcourse as a lock, KTM and Dottimer are essential. For raiding Bigwigs.

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Raid Hunter
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Re: Application - Deadlyvirus, human warlock.

Post by Raziya » 04 Sep 2017, 22:57

A warlock that knows how to use KTM? :o Diggens is gonna freak! I'm gonna go poke him and tell him to look at this.

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Guild Member
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Re: Application - Deadlyvirus, human warlock.

Post by diggens » 05 Sep 2017, 01:54

Application looking good. You'll have to respecc to DS / Ruin tho.

Accepted as Trial.

Hit up any officer ingame for an invite!

Regards Diggens

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Raid Paladin
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Re: Application - Deadlyvirus, human warlock.

Post by Sithellia » 08 Sep 2017, 22:20

Deadly used to play with me (Gaspariov) on Nostalrius as warlock..

+1 +1 +1

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