Drambit - Fury Warrior (Social)

You want to join <INSOMNIA>?
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Character: Drambit
Your Role: DPS
Your Class: Warrior

Drambit - Fury Warrior (Social)

Post by drambit » 10 Jul 2017, 19:29

Name, Race, Class (and Level) of your Character:
Drambit, Night Elf, Fury Warrior, 60
http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer ... er=Drambit

What is your main spec? Are you planning to raid with it or would you respec?

What are your professions (any noteworthy Recipes)?
300 mining and herb, max all secondary proffs as well, have dirges.

Do you have any other lvl 60 Characters on the server?

Have you played on Nostalrius Begins, L4G(TBC) or Elysium and could we know you?
I made my char on nost

Have you played actual Vanilla and what class(es) did you play? What is your experience in endgame raid instances?
nope, only TBC and wrath.

How much Nature Resistance (unbuffed) do you have? (Melee: Do you have Frost Weapons?)
up to 254.

Right now the Guild is focused on AQ40. That means up to 3 serious raids per week and a not a lot of down time. We expect you to attend at least 75% of our main raids. We would also appriciate it if you try joining and/or organizing optional ZGs and AQ20s raids whenever there is free IDs.
I'm mainly here for killing C'thun so I will most likely only show up for AQ40.

Do you think your free time will allow you to play World of Warcraft on a similar level for the months to come?
I'm rerolling on gummy when it comes out.

Do you have the setup to raid? A microphone, a stable internet connection, a pc that can handle the game?

Do you know anyone in the guild that can recommend you?
prolly not

Which guilds were you in previously and why did you leave?
rollin with my gnomies, they disbanded

What do you want from the guild and how will <Miskatonic> benefit from recruiting you? What is your ambition in Vanilla?
I want to kill c'thun a couple times before I retire my character.

can't raid without dps meters, KTM, luna, miks

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Your Class: Warrior

Re: Drambit Application [Fury Warrior]

Post by Tarpz » 10 Jul 2017, 22:21

Hello and thanks for applying. I am afraid that we are only looking for long term and active players who will continue attending our raids well into the future. As you seem to have made your mind up on leaving this server I cannot offer you a raiding spot.

If you are interested in joining as a social you are welcome to whisper any officer you see online or post here expressing that interest. If not, I wish you luck finding a guild that fits your unique circumstances.
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